I am not unique. My experiences are not unique. But the way I see them is unique, and I know this because people tell me.

I am cynical about the past, realistic about the present, and optimistic about the future. Sometimes, I am funny. Sometimes, I am dark. I am especially funny about dark things and I like that about myself and in other people.

I’m from a small town in Oregon, living in Toronto via Amsterdam via San Francisco via Montana.  I’m a former expat, transient yet grounded, sometimes anti-social life of a party or two.  I’m a self proclaimed drama queen with a passion yoga and a weakness for country music (don’t hate).

Sometimes I feel like I won a backstage pass to the life of a grown-up and as is to be expected, things aren’t so glamorous from this angle. But I’m excited to be here and wonder: what comes next?

Thanks for visiting the edge of my seat.  This blog is the latest chapter in my life, after four years of ups and downs chronicled in The So-Called Real World.

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how I see it from where I sit

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